Mundane Monday Morning Music: Cyndi Lauper – “Girls Just Want to Have Fun”

Hey Readers!

I know, I’ve been away too long! The holidays, then the start of the New Year have really disoriented me, and, unfortunately, this feature became neglected the chaos. Thankfully, I carved out some time this morning to get back on devout some time to posting a new song to start off the year right.

Some of my fellow bloggers have posed the question, “What word would you use to describe your year?” After a bit of thought and an impromptu family dance session with my family last night of 80s music, I came up with my word of 2016. It is fun. Whether it be in learning, becoming more successful or getting out more, I want to have fun doing it. Besides, what’s the point of living without enjoying the journey you’re on?

Cyndi Lauper’s “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” encompasses my sense of fun and is such an amazing song to use to start off 2016 for this feature! Besides its unforgettable beat, the lyrics are all about girl empowerment. Lauper is encouraging her parents to not treat her differently because she is a girl. She is also saying that girls should not shy away from their greatness and should be allowed to shine.

So I have decided to take a page from Cyndi Lauper’s playbook this year and have fun, no matter what I’m doing and to make me a better me this year! I hope that “Girls Just Want to Have Fun”has inspired you to be your best you, to have fun, and to take the blahs away on this mundane Monday morning.

Do you have a word that would describe how you want to live this year, or your life?

Until my next post, Readers!


Mundane Monday Morning Music: Lil’ Bow Wow / Kurtis Blow – ”Basketball”

Mornin’ Readers!

I know, I took a week off! Last week I was celebrating a Long Weekend, so I was kicking up my feet and running away from being too connected to my laptop! It was a needed rest, and it was great to get away from the city for a few days with my family in the country.

Now that it is Monday morning and back to the status quo, I need to be motivated to get my butt in gear and get moving! I have my usual duties to get through, as well as a milestone birthday to plan for my other half. This week’s pick was inspired my by eldest and her love for just about anything basketball related, so during one of our ”music appreciation” classes, I introduced her to the Space Jam soundtrack. It was a favourite of mine when during my teen years.

We then watched Lil Bow Wow video ”Basketball” and I knew I had to use it as a pick for a MMMM feature before the summer ended. This song is so much fun! I love this song on my workout mix because it the beat is awesome and catchy. This video is also nostalgic because it is taken from the iconic Kurtis Blow song of the same name 20 years later. I had to include his video in this post as well because of the memories it brought back, and, well, it’s such a fun video to watch!

Though you may not be inspired to pick up a basketball and start hoopin, it up today, I hope ”Basketball” helps to get you fired up and motivated on this mundane Monday morning!

Until my next post, Readers!


Mundane Monday Morning: DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince – “Parents Just Don’t Understand”

Mornin’ Readers!

This morning was an early one after a long night of constant interruptions. My other half came home late since it is the beginning of my annual “flying solo mission,” then two of the “Bosses” kept waking up until I decided that it was a sign to just bite the bullet and start my day.

I was ready curl up for a cat nap when I was reminded of my shopping excursion with the eldest of the Bosses a few days ago. Since she is graduating from the eighth grade in a few days, I had to get her some somewhat dressier clothing to wear. I usually enjoy a good shopping trip, but when it comes to dressy clothing, this indulgence turns quickly into an exercise of patience (I’ll explain more in another post soon). It also inspired my MMMM pick for the week. DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince’s “Parents Just Don’t Understand” popped into my head as soon as we started to disagree about the pants she was going to wear. It has to be the most memorable line in the  be the song where Will Smith raps about how he and his mom are talking about his clothes:

I said, “Mom, what are you doing, you’re ruining my rep”
She said, “You’re only sixteen, you don’t have a rep yet”
I said, “Mom, let’s put these clothes back, please”
She said “no, you go to school to learn not for a fashion show!”

Though my daughter is not sixteen yet (she’s thirteen), and these clothes may not have been for school, our conversation went down in this similar fashion. I also had many a disagreement like this with my mom where clothing was concerned, and it was weird (and funny) to finally be on the flip side of the conversation and understand (yet still do not agree with) my mom’s point of view.

Besides the flashbacks and nostalgia, “Parents Just Don’t Understand” is such a fun song to wake up to and to make Monday mornings a little bit sunnier. It is really funny, the beat is fun and will get stuck in your head, and you’ll be smiling while it replays over and over in your head because you can relate to one aspect of this song or another.

I hope that “Parents Just Don’t Understand” brings back memories of your childhood (or adulthood), and makes you smile on this mundane Monday morning!

Until my next post, Readers!


Besides bringing back

Mundane Monday Morning Music: The Rolling Stones – “Start Me Up”

Mornin’ Readers!

It is the first rainy day in about a week here in Ottawa, and it actually made me happy to hear the pitter-patter of raindrops outside my winder this morning. Though it puts a bit of a damper on the day, the rain is much needed, and it will get my family’s outdoor oasis growing and looking greener. It is also cooling off the higher than usual temperatures we have been experiencing over the past few weeks. We have been spoiled with summer for about a month, and even though I LOVE summer, it is not good to go from blistering winter to summer in a blink of an eye!

Sure, the rain was great to see today, but the pre-dawn wake-up call from the “Bosses” was not. The older members of our “Manor” love getting as much sleep as possible, and this gets disturbed by the Bosses when they wake up in the middle of the night, and then very early in the morning. They are rearing and ready to go, but I am not. I could go for about another 3 hours.

Since I am not going back to sleep until, oh, tonight, I must turn to some MMMM tunes to keep up with my Bosses and to keep my fingers clacking at the keys. After a bit of pondering, I turned to The Rolling Stones for some inspiration. I chose “Start Me Up” because that is what I need: To be started up. I need a good beat that is fun and can make me move. “Start Me Up” fits the bill to a “T.” How can yo not want to start moving and belting this tune out along to the music?! It also got the Bosses dancing, so it is a win-win choice!

I hope that “Start Me Up” gets you out of your funk and into a better mood on this grey mundane Monday morning!

Until my next post, Readers!


Mundane Monday Morning Music: Cyndi Lauper: “Girls Just Want To Have Fun”

Mornin’ Readers!

After my whirlwind weekend at the BConnected Conference here in the national capital region of Canada, I am bushed! I was energized by the sessions and the Wine and Cheese Networking Party, but you do loose some energy taking in all of information and fun!

Another fun part of this past weekend was the After Party by some of the bloggers of this conference (Thanks Ann and Kristen!). It made the weekend even more fun and memorable! This party also helped to inspire this week’s MMMM pick. I chose Cyndi Lauper’s “Girls Just Want To Have Fun.” Nothing says party time more than snacks, candy, “party drinks,” and playing Cards Against Humanity with Hello Kitty paraphernalia and glitter! The ladies and the conference’s webmaster (the lone male in the room for most of the night) had so much fun laughing and chatting away throughout the night. It was an experience I will not forget and I am glad I was invited to be a part of the fun! This song really captures the spirit of that night!

I hope that “Girls Just Want To Have Fun” helps you to stir up fun memories of times gone by with great friends! If it doesn’t, then it is also a great song to belt out at the top of your lungs!

Until my next post, Readers!


Mundane Monday Morning Music: The Go-Go’s – “Our Lips Are Sealed”

Mornin’ Readers!

It’s been another rocky start this morning as we all had a late start after a fab weekend (doesn’t this always happened after having a great time?). All three “bosses” slept in, and I planned on a “before the crack of dawn” myself…that all went according to plan when I woke up and the sun was up! It also does not help that it is the first rainy day in about a week today (yeah, rain is always a great motivator to want to get work done)   😦

After clickity clacking my fingers at top speed, I am now (somewhat) caught up with my morning tasks. Luckily chose my MMMM pick this weekend while getting some chores done around the homestead. While dancing around to some tunes from my youth, I heard a song I haven’t heard in a while.  It was The Go-Go’s “Our Lips Are Sealed.” It got me singing (making the bosses question my job security) and having a great time while doing things I’d rather not do during a gorgeous Saturday morning. It also brought back some fun memories of putting on mini concerts with my sister where we also were the only ones in attendance.

I hope that “Our Lips Are Sealed” gets you out of the gray clouds and rain and brings back some fun memories on this mundane Monday morning for you!

Until my next post, Readers!


National Siblings Day: Fond Memories and Great Life Lessons

Hey Readers! Today is National Siblings Day, and it got me thinking about my two older siblings and everything we have been through through my lifetime. There are so many memories and lessons that both of my siblings taught me (whether they were aware of it or not), and they make me feel happy that they are in my life. They helped to make this little lady into the woman I am today. Even then, I was tipping my hat to people!


Here is a pic of the three of us many moons ago! Yes, Mr. T was a big influence on me, Readers! 😛


My older brother, for the most part, was the main male influence in my life when I was little. He was the oldest and was also the only boy. I felt, at times, that he was a bit lonely, especially since there was a bit of a gap between him and rest of us (he is four years older than my sister and 5 1/2 years older than me). He did what many older siblings did, you know, hog the television when our mom wasn’t watching it, tell us tall tales about why things were the way they were, and use us as guinea pigs for his various “experiments.”

One of my favourite memories has to be when I was about five years-old, and my brother thought he was a gourmet baker. He decided that he would make a cake from cake mix and thought he knew what he was doing. After putting in WAY too many eggs into the mix, resulting in a very gloppy and bubbly mess after he took it out of the oven. Realizing that he shouldn’t be the first to taste his masterpiece, he turned to us to see if the cake tasted okay. let’s just say we let him know just how great his creative cake was with a mess all our own all over our tiny kitchen! Even though my brother did all of these things to my sister and I, there were other things my brother did that helped me learn some great lessons throughout my time at home.

Out of all of us, he was the quiet one, so I learned how to stop blabbing all the time and to try listening once in a while to what others are saying. He also taught us how to play video games and introduced me to the wonderful world of comic books that I still enjoy today. His closet became my closet, too. There were times that he allowed me to borrow his clothes during my tom boyish phase throughout high school. The fact that the jeans I borrowed from him were baggy on him didn’t stop me from sporting the latest fashion trends (they were a waist men’s size 44, and I was lucky enough to be a women’s size 24…yeah, it was fun to keep these babies up!). My brother is a very interesting cat who, for being the quiet one, never gave our home a dull moment and let us know he cares about us in his subtle ways.

This is an even older pic of my big brother. He had to be about four or five years-old here. Like me, he’s camera shy.


My older sister and I have had an interesting relationship. When we were younger, we had our love-hate moments, but, if push came to shove (you know, fights over clothes and make up), we always could depend on each other. My sister is also a very funny character and there were times that I had to explain certain things to her. There were song lyrics I had to correct for her (ex – “Soap On A Rope” was really “End Of The Road”,) and the many times we played practical jokes on other family members, both at home and on road trips. It took a while for me to realize just how much my big sis really cared about me, and now we are the best of friends.

My sister has and continues to teach me so many life lessons. She plays Devil’s advocate to see things from another point of view. She calms me down and makes me sit on my hands when I get too upset about a situation. She taught me to do things for myself when she knew I could do it on my own. I learned so many fashion tips and tricks from her over the years as a result of plundering her closet time and time again. She taught me to expand my appreciation of music by having to listen to some of her “questionable” choices (some of them have been used in my Mundane Monday Morning Music picks). I continue to learn how to face the unknown without fear as she experienced different situations in her life. Finally, she continues to teach me that life is a crazy adventure, and to have fun along the way, especially when you get lost (as we have on MANY occasions)! She sets such an example for me to try and live up to. I don’t know what I would do without this crazy and clever cat!

I don’t have any pics of her when she was a child. This one I found in an old wallet of mine from high school. She loves the camera, and it loves her, too!


So there you have it! We have had our ups and downs, but we are siblings and we love each other a bunch. I am raising my “bosses” to love each other and to look out for one another every day. I hope that they have such fond memories of each other as they become adults and giggle at their cute, fun and goofy pics of when they were young like I have today.


Are you the oldest, the middle or the youngest child? What was the best memory or lesson you were taught by your siblings?

Until my next post, Readers!


Mundane Monday Morning Music: Madonna – “Holiday”

Mornin’ Readers!

In my neck of the woods, we are at the end of our official first long weekend of the year! It was good to have the family together for some down-time, and to just relax and have some fun. I am already counting down the days until our next long weekend!

For this week’s MMMM pick, I thought I would pick a song that reflects my wishes to leave winter for a while and to have some fun. That’s where Madonna comes in to play with her song “Holiday.” This song is fun, upbeat and gets me away from the chill of the season for a few moments.

Whether you are celebrating a long weekend or you are at work, I hope “Holiday” takes you away for a moment of fun and relaxation today!

Until my next post, Readers!


Christmas Hit List: RUN-DMC – “Christmas in Hollis”

Hey, Readers!

I figured I would go back to my childhood for a fun Christmas song to add to my Christmas Hit List. This one is a favourite to listen to with both friends and family and is a really fun one to listen to. Today’s pick is “Christmas in Hollis” by Run-D.M.C. This song was an instant favourite for me, and it always brings a smile to my face with the stories they tell and the silly Santa and his “reindeer.” It’s a song that I have to hear at least once a year to fully get into the Christmas spirit.

I hope that you have fun, and for some of you, fond memories when you watch and listen to my latest pick on my Christmas Hit List!

Until my next post, Readers!


Mundane Monday Morning Music: Guns N’ Roses – “Sweet Child O’ Mine”

Mornin’ Readers!

After a fun and relaxing weekend, it is beginning to turn into a busy start to this work week. I have posts to touch up, Christmas to finish planning (yes, I like to get planning for this holiday sorted early so I can get everything done on time), and a snuffly, grumpy “boss” to look after, especially since he is not a morning person.

So what song to I have in mind to get me super-charged on a fantastic day like today? I decided to have GNR help me out this morning with “Sweet Child o’ Mine.” It’s fun, it made me pick up a pen and start singing to my computer screen, and it even got the nod of approval from both bosses as they were rockin’ out with me on our air guitars.  Any song that can make them happy must be great for an MMMM pick!

I hope that “Sweet Child o’ Mine” gets you smiling and in a good mood on this mundane Monday morning!

Until my next post, Readers!