Strolling Through the 2016 Canadian Tulip Festival

Hey Readers!

I had another magical time at this year’s Canadian Tulip Festival! Every year, I am amazed at the variety of shapes and colours this type of flower can take on. I took a sneak peek at the rows upon rows of flower beds displaying tulips and other flowers the day before the festival officially kicked off on May 12, 2016. My little guy was along for the ride, and he had a bit of a crush on these blooms as well. I know I shared my last visit with you a few years ago, but I had to share some of the gorgeous tulips in a gallery post for you as well!


Reese Speaks Tulip Fest General Photo 2


First, there were the tulips that had the cup-like shape most people are accustom to seeing. Each shade I saw was beautiful. It was hard just picking a few for this post!


Reese Speaks Single Layered Tulips Collage


Then there were the multilayered tulips that I was surprised about! If I did not go to this year’s festival, I would never have known that these flowers were tulips!


Reese Speaks Multilayered Tulips Collage


Oh, these various pointed leaf tulips were so jaw-droppingly nice! They captivated all who viewed them.



My little guy was having a great time while visiting the flowers! I was smart enough to bring our wagon so he could ride in it when he grew too tired of walking through Commissioner’s Park or if he wanted to entertain visitors to the festival with his shenanigans.


Reese Speaks Tulips Marcus Collage


There were some awesome seas of tulips! I could get lost in them if I were by myself.


Reese Speaks Tulip Fest 2016 Orange Pink Purple Sea of Tulips Photo 2

Reese Speaks Tulip Fest 2016 Orange and Yellow Sea of Tulips Photo 2

Reese Speaks Tulip Fest 2016 Multicoloured Sea of Tulips 3 Photo


Overall, I really enjoy kicking off the spring season in Ottawa by visiting the Canadian Tulip Festival at Commissioner’s Park. There are always new varieties of tulips and other flowers to see, it is a great way to get outside and enjoy the warmer spring weather and it is always a great time spend with loved ones.


Reese Speaks Tulip Fest 2016 Floral Mix Photo


The festival wraps up on Victoria Day (or Memorial Day for those of you in the US), so there is still time to pop over to the locations where this festival is being held and take in the beauty of these awesome flowers! I know I will be making another visit this weekend with my family!


Until my next post, Readers!


4 thoughts on “Strolling Through the 2016 Canadian Tulip Festival

  1. Your photos are beautiful! Man I have to take more photos. And maybe get to the Tulip Festival. It looks like you had a wonderful time. I especially love the orange one that looks a bit fluffy. oh! And your seas of tulips!

    • Thanks Louise! It was really hard to narrow down which pics to use for this post. Every year the Canadian Tulip Festival manages to wow me with the blooms they choose to showcase. I still have to make it downtown to snap a pic of the one that is for Canada’s 150th b-day. It’s lovely!

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