Favourite Fall Memories, 2015

Reese_Speaks_Fall_Chicken_11302015Hey Readers,

I know, it’s been a  while since I’ve shared anything with you. Life got a bit crazy, and this is the first chance since my last post that I have been able to check in.

It’s the last day of November, and for me, it is the last day before the holiday season begins and it is full steam ahead with getting our family and our home ready for it all! It kicks off with Grandma’s (my mom, but she doesn’t have kids anymore,or so she says) birthday, and it snowballs from there.

So to say goodbye to fall, I thought I would share some of may favourite Fall memories from this year with you through pics I snapped.

My little guy is in love with this time of year. We learned this year that he is a huge Halloween fan. He loved every pumpkin and gourd that we passed, wanting to take them home with us. If he had his way, our home would be forever full of them!




Speaking of Halloween, my guy rolled up his sleeves and dove in to getting ready for day! He carved pumpkins, made decorations and dressed up our porch, and took the kids out trick-or-treating. Once back, the kids rocked out in my past Halloween costume wigs before putting and end to the day.



We had a mixed bag of weather this autumn. Some days were warm and gorgeous, while others were, well, blah! On those good days, we made sure to get the kids outside and to enjoy what nice days we had left this year. My other half even had the kids out with him while he raked up the leaves. The job took a bit longer than expected, but the kids had a lot of fun!





The leaves were exceptionally gorgeous in our backyard this year, so I had to capture their beauty in pics! We also had a pumpkin in our backyard that did not make it to Halloween to rest for its final days, so the shutterbug in me had to get a pic of it while it still looked good.




The Japanese Maple lost its leaves early, but there were still a few of them in our yard. Their leaves always alive with colour, no matter the time of year they are present on the tree, and this one just stood out from the rest of the crowd present.




Then, high above the ground in our backyard, there was the golden sea of gold that still shimmered to us from below. It was so stunning. I can’t wait to frame this one!




This little critter decided to visit us on our front porch before getting itself ready for its long slumber. My kids and I got a big kick out it.



Oh, food! The Jack of All Trades in our home whipped together some amazing food for us this season! He loves trying to make delicious dishes from what is left in our Mother Hubbard cupboards as well as some ingredients he picks up from the grocery store. We ate really well this season!




My family had an amazing autumn! We worked hard, played hard and ate well. It is sad to say goodbye to the vibrant colours and warm weather, but it was great to look back and see all of the fun we had!

What were some of your favourite fall memories this year?

Until my next post, Readers!


14 thoughts on “Favourite Fall Memories, 2015

  1. Ah such beautiful pics! Your kids are simply too cute!! Winter may be cold but it’s the holiday season so what could be warmer (besides a nice hot drink in front of a roaring fire!)! Wishing you and yours a fabulous start to the holiday season! 🙂

    • Thanks, Paula! We really had an amazing time this fall. I like gourds, but even now, he wants Halloween (and trick-or-treating) to begin again. Once the snow stays on the ground, maybe hhe’ll start asking for Santa!

  2. Your memories captured just makes me want to relive fall all over again! Beautiful photos and stories. Your family is beautiful and they all seem so happy. My favourite memories of fall all take place outside as well – as the vibrant colors and textures are so inspiring. It gets my otherwise shy, indoors-y kiddo outside and active and talkative. Definitely my favourite season of the year!

  3. I love your photos with the kids in the leaves – beautiful! I miss fall already 😦 Looking forward to Xmas, but I don’t love winter. That said, I seem to recall you get very much into holiday cheer – so here’s to Christmas fun for you and your family this month!

    • Thanks Louise! My kids loved this part of fall. It took us twice the amount of time to clean our yard because they were playing in the leaves, but it was worth it to see them have so much fun.

      Yes, I am all about Christmas, but I do not enjoy the cold it brings. I have to finish up the rest of my planning for my home and the blog.

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