In Search of Hidden Treasures At The Great Glebe Garage Sale!

The Great Glebe Garage Sale is one of the biggest annual events that my community loves being a part of. It happens every year in late May, and it a chance to get out and meet people who you may not have spoken to before. It also allows you to get rid of a lot of items you may no longer need in your home after spring cleaning. This was the first year since we have moved here that we decided to take part and sell items from our home.

This year’s big event got off to a chilly start as Ottawa had a frost advisory the night before, and the temperature was in single digits. My Other Half woke up bright and early to set up our items in our driveway. Once everything was put out, it was time to sell, sell, sell!

Driveway Collage

Once the sun started to give off a bit of heat, I eventually decided to brave the crowds of the garage sale with my younger daughter. With our trusty wagon in hand, we set off on our treasure hunting adventure. There were times that the sidewalks were so congested that we had to do some road riding. Just about everything you could think of was being sold on lawns and booths around the community.

Street Scene Collage

My friend and fellow blogger, Emily from The Best of This Life, gave me a head’s up about The Ottawa Foodie Girlz donating some creative baked goods, treats, and of course, coffee, to The Ottawa Mission to sell to raise money for their organization as part of an initiative they are doing for the month of May. My daughter got herself a bag of popcorn and a drinking box while I could not resist buying a hamburger cupcake! How could you say no to one of those awesome treats!

Treats Collage

There are always some fun festivities happening to entertain visitors to The Great Glebe Garage Sale as well. There are buskers and bands playing so you can take a breather before continuing on your journey. My daughter loved this one busker who had a play area set up so children could play along with him. She stayed here for almost half an hour before I had to drag her away.

Maya Collage


Mascots from some of Ottawa’s sports teams also made an appearance to this annual event. We were able to meet Sparky from the Ottawa Fury FC. He was a hit at a neighbour’s home before continuing on his way. I hope that he was able to find a new found treasure at this year’s garage sale as well.

Sparky Collage

Well, here is this year’s haul from this year’s Great Glebe Garage Sale! I did not get to forage as much as I would have like to. The crowds were thick and my daughter was getting sleepy. I was happy to have only spent $15! I can’t wait to have them cleaned so I can wear them!

Dress Collage

My other half said that he did better than he thought he would from our driveway. Once we put our kids down for a nap, we closed up shop. We set aside items we were willing to part with for free on our curb, and by nightfall, most of the items were gone.

Here are some tips I have used to brave past Great Glebe Garage Sales:

  • Check the weather report to dress appropriately for the day.
  • Get out early to have the best pick of the treasures being sold.
  • Bring cash. Most people will only be accepting this form of payment.
  • Bring a drink along to stay hydrated on your hike around the Glebe.
  • Bring on your haggling skills! You never know what people will agree to sell you.
  • If you are walking, bring something to carry all of your “new” belongings home in so your hands are free and are not bogged down with treasure.
  • Have fun!

I love attending The Great Glebe Garage Sale! For me, I love seeing the excitement and feeling the energy from all of the revelers trying to see what they could find. It is also great to see neighbours and friends throughout the day. The fact that some people are also helping others is wonderful to see. Finally, I love finding bargains! As sad as I am to see it end, I also cannot wait to get ready fo4 next year’s event and to do more exploring!

GGS Collage

What types of items do you go in search for when you go to a garage sale?

Until my next post, Readers!


3 thoughts on “In Search of Hidden Treasures At The Great Glebe Garage Sale!

  1. Looks like you had a great day! Didn’t realize you were in the Glebe. We took the girls last weekend too – first time with kids. Parked at the Canal Ritz with the promise we’d go there for lunch after a quick walk about (which we did). My eldest bought a series of dolls with her Tooth Fairy money – it was a great day out!

    • I’m glad you enjoyed the GGS! Yes, I’ve been here for a few years now.
      Ohhhh! I hope you enjoyed Canal Ritz! Did you enjoy what you ordered? did you also take in the new Landsdowne facility, or was it too crazy?

      • We’ll try to make a note to find you next year! And yes – enjoyed the Canal Ritz – salmon salad – yummy!

        It was the first time we tried going down with the kids – so we basically just walked around the block as my eldest bought dolls 🙂 Still fun though.

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