Mundane Monday Morning Music: Fergie – “Clumsy”

Mornin’ Readers!

It is the day after my birthday week extravaganza, and it was an amazing week! I received presents from my family in packages and phone calls and posts from friends and family members to wish me well. I also was taken out for lunch by one of my best friends which turned into an afternoon of fun, and got to see the Globetrotters while they stopped into the nation’s capital on my birthday! This past week was really amazing, and I really appreciated all of the love I received!

The day after a world wind week of celebrating has me feeling a little bit foggy and groggy and sore. Let’s just say there are muscles I have rediscovered after all of the running around I’ve done this week, and fat fingers seem to be the order of the day so far this morning. ;P  That is why I think that this week’s MMMM pick is perfect for a day like today. I chose Fergie’s “Clumsy” because I am definitely feeling as though I am fumbling through this morning. This song also has that lick from Little Richard’s song “The Girl Can’t Help It” that gives Fergie’s song a throwback feel that is fun and flirty. It has really helped to bring the gorgeous weather we here in Ottawa have been waiting for all spring inside to cheer me up!

I hope that this mundane Monday morning has been made a little brighter and fun with “Clumsy” running through your head!

Until my next post, Readers!


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