Mundane Monday Morning Music: AC/DC – ” Thunderstuck”

Mornin’ Readers!

Daylight Savings is kickin’ my butt this morning! I’m still an hour behind, and after a night of horrible sleep and a 2 AM wake-up call that resulted in me staying up until 6 AM, Let’s just say I’m a little worse for wear.  😦

Since my eyes were half open until I chose today’s MMMM pick, I decided I needed something that would get me literally moving. It had to be fun and super high energy that would get my butt in gear to take on the day in a much better mood. After a bit of a search, I landed upon AC/DC’s “Thunderstruck.” Once I heard the opening chords to this song, there was no turning back! It had my head bopping and I was lip syncing the chorus (I don’t want to kill my bosses with my voice this early in the day). This song will definitely be stuck in my head all day, so I will have a pick-me-up when something taxing comes across my path.

I hope “Thunderstruck” puts you in a good mood and gets you through your sticky and troublesome moments on this mundane Monday morning! Until my next post, Readers! Reese

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