Mundane Monday Morning Music: Radiohead – 15 Step (Scotch Mist Version)

Morning Readers!

It’s so hard for me to sit still and type this morning!  I had a VERY late start to my day after being a woken an hour early. My “bosses” have been all over me to get moving, and I, eventually, took their advice to get to my desk.

This morning I decided to go with one of the few bands that my other half and I actually agree on: Radiohead. I thought it was time to finally go with one of their songs. For Radiohead fans and lovers of Twilight, I chose “15 Steps.” Today was a perfect morning for this pick! It has such a different energy than most of the other MMMM picks I have chosen before, and something different was definitely needed today! The beat for this song is so infectious and makes me want to move along with it.  I also feel as though I’m being taken along for a journey when I hear this song. A bit of an escape through music is always a good thing. I’m up now, and I’mw anting to get some work accomplished!

I hope that “15 Step” does the trick for you on this mundane Monday morning!

Until my next post, Readers!


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