Mundane Monday Morning Music: Dido – Thank You

Happy Thanksgiving?Columbus Day Morning, Readers!

It’s a gorgeous (looking) long weekend morning here, and, for once, we are taking things a little bit slower than usual.  It’s rare when we take things easy at home, so my other half and I are going to savour every bit of this last long weekend (for us Canadians) until Christmas as much as we can!

As per my tradition for this feature, I’m also slowing down the beat for my MMMM pick this week.  This week’s pick is “Thank You” by Dido. I know this song is not exactly about what most people would give thanks for, but I’m the type of person who thanks people for what they’ve done for me.  Some people may find this act as being disingenuous, but I think that people should hear how you have touched their life and have made it better, so maybe this is not such a bad pick for today, huh!

I hope that “Thank You” helps you to relax and reflect on this non-working  mundane Monday morning!

Until my next post, Readers!



2 thoughts on “Mundane Monday Morning Music: Dido – Thank You

  1. A lovely (and relaxing) sentiment for Thanksgiving Monday. I have trouble hearing this song and not singing the Eminem parts over it. But I think I enjoy it more on its own.

    • Thanks, Louise! I thought about “Stan” before posting, too. I just really love Dido’s song, and won the argument in my head as to whether I should I should with this song. I also needed to slow things down for the long weekend. I’m glad you enjoyed this week’s MMMM pick!

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