Mundane Monday Morning Music: Earth, Wind & Fire – September

Mornin’ Readers!

It is the unofficial end of summer.  I am sad that it is all but over, but I’m happy that today is Labour Day! It’s an extra day to lounge about and have some fun before the work week, and the new school year begins!

Since it is the first of September, it is only fitting that I play “September” by Earth, Wind and Fire for this week’s MMMM pick! For some parents, it is also a song to celebrate their kids going back to school. I know , I usually like to have a more mellow tune for long weekend Monday mornings, but today just didn’t have that laid back feel to for me! It’s also a great song for today because this song is also about reflecting back to good times, and I certainly have a lot of good memories of this summer that has flown by!

I hope that “September” helps you look back on this summer, and helps you to cap of this amazing long weekend!

Until my next post, Readers!


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