Monday Mundane Morning Music: OutKast – “Roses”

Mornin’ Readers!

I hope I am not speaking too early about this, but it looks as though the weather is beginning to turn here in Ottawa!  It is cool, and some of the leaves are starting to turn yellow from their brilliant green.  Summer moves too swiftly in Canada’s capital.  😦

I wanted to have a bit of fun with this week’s MMMM selection since I literally have goose bumps and will be shortly be getting a sweater and a throw blanket to continue working at my desk.  I chose OutKast’s “Roses” because it was running through my head all weekend, and this song is a lot of fun!  It’s also what I need right now to keep me bopping at my desk and motivated on my work today.

I hope that “Roses” does the trick for you on this mundane Monday morning!

Until my next post, Readers!


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