Happy New Year! Video Pick: Auld Lang Syne – Mairi Campbell & Dave Francis (Sex and the City Clip)

Happy New Year, Readers!

Well, we made it into 2014!  It’s a new start for everyone!  I hope you had fun counting down the seconds until midnight, then cheering in the New Year in the way you wanted to tonight.I thought I’d share this clip from Sex and the City where Mairi Campbell & Dave Francis sing the classic song Aude Lang Syne.  I shared this clip for two reasons:

  1. It’s New Year’s Day!
  2. It’s Sex and the City!

This version of Aude Lang Syne is really simple, yet thought provoking.  For me, it make me look back at the past year, as well as look forward to the new one coming.  It also makes me happy to be around those I love, and reminds me to keep in touch with the those who are far away.

Have an amazing new year, Readers!  I hope it treats you well.

Until my next post, Readers!



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