Our First Snowfall, 2013

Hey Readers!

I just felt like sharing my first snowfall for 2013 with you!  This is how the snow has begun to transform my home here in Ottawa:

Here are pics of a tree in my backyard at the beginning of the snowfall this afternoon.  The pic on the right is a close-up pic of the leaves to catch a glimpse of the snow.

Snowfall Collage 1

These two pics are of a tree that’s on the side of my home.  The leaves are red, so snow made for a beautiful contrast.

Snowfall Collage 2

Finally, here is the tree in my front yard.  It’s pretty with all of the snow covering it!

First Snowfall, 2013 6

Readers, this is just the beginning of the snow here in Ottawa, ON!  We’re suppose to have more than average snow this year!  I’ll show you more pics as we become more snow covered!

Until my next post, Readers!


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