This Inspires Me – An Interpretive Dance For My Boss Set To Kanye West’s Gone

Hey Readers!

I HAD to share this video because of what this young lady did. Marina Shifrin quit her job because she put her life into a job that just didn’t give back. So she let her boss know how she felt by creating this video and quitting!

I admire this woman for her guts, to let her feelings about her job be known in this way, and for leaving a job into the unknown. After this video went viral in just a few days, Queen Latifah brought Marina onto her show and asked Marina if she wanted to work for her show! S

See, Readers, Marina is a example of people who took a chance and believed that there was something better out there. It may not happen so quickly for everyone, but you have to believe you are better than others perceive you to be, and to know when it is time to leave something or someone that was keeping you back.  In my opinion, taking a chance, knowing when to leave a situation that’s not making you happy, is what’s needed to make your life better.

Thanks, Marina and Queen Latifah for bringing this to my attention, and for giving me, and many others the inspiration to take chances!

Until my next post, Readers!


One thought on “This Inspires Me – An Interpretive Dance For My Boss Set To Kanye West’s Gone

  1. I was inspired to do the same. And, then, I started to think, hmmm, well, there’s always the other side of the story. Having done some more research, I feel fine still supporting what Marina did. It will work out well for her. And things will settle into place for everyone involved.

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