Big Brother 15, Episode # 17 – Timing is Everything Where Opening Your Mouth is Concerned

Oh, Readers!

To me, it seems as though the rest of the season will be dominated by the women and their pettiness instead of smart game-play.  Sure, players can get themselves out of hot water by winning the PoV, or America can throw a player on the block as the MVP for now, but where voting is concerned, The game is pretty much locked up.  The key for any Floater in the game now is to plan their moves carefully, and to speak wisely.  Jessie was a player who learned this lesson in this episode.  Was it helpful to her game?  Read of and you’ll see.

While the HoH Competition, Bull in a China Shop continued, the producers showed some of the confessions the House Guests had about their game going forward. Aaryn hoped she and Helen could continue to work together since they’ve saved each other from Eviction in the game.  Spencer planned on working his way into the “flock” in order to gain more allies in the House.  Helen wanted to target players with a good social game, since they are able to sway others to their side, and are hard to trust because they seem to be on everyone’s side.  McCrae felt like he had to win the HoH spot this week, as he didn’t trust anyone in the House to keep him safe.

At the end of the last episode, Julie Chen mentioned that the first three players to drop out of the competition would have the opportunity to open three boxes that have surprises in them, one of them held $5 000 in it.  The first three to fall were in this order: Spencer, Candice and Helen.  This was what they received:

Spencer – a megaphone (or bullhorn) that he has to use until after the Nominations are revealed.

Candice – $5 000!  Se’s going to need it, since Aaryn and her “friend”, Helen are now gunning for her.

Helen – a BB Backyard BBQ for her and three friends with all of the BBQ fixings and alcohol!

This is how most of the other House Guests dropped out of this competition:

Elissa, Amanda, Judd, Andy, Jessie (remember, Aaryn was the out-going HoH, so she is not eligible to compete).

This left McCrae up against GinaMarie.  I know, I was shocked, too that these two were the last two in a competition.  But there they were, battling it out for supremacy. GinaMarie was offering all kinds of deals to McCrae to drop out of the competition, yet he wouldn’t budge. All GinaMarie said wanted was to have the title of HoH and have her hair dyed.  GinaMarie even offered to share her nominations with McCrae, but he said no.  McCrae also wanted to win to save Amanda should she go up this week.  After more balancing on the barrel, McCrae finally fell off, leaving GinaMarie as this week’s HoH!  From the looks of things, it’s going to be a scary week with GinaMarie as the HoH.

Aaryn is one of the reasons why I said this Week was going to be scary.  She was elated GinaMarie won HoH.  This meant two things: 1) Aaryn wasn’t going to be nominated by the HoH this week; and 2) She was pretty much going to be the HoH this week without having to get her hands dirty.  I think controlling the power is much more fun than being the one in power.  The person in power gets targeted for any decisions made on their watch.  I don’t think GinaMarie see being HoH this way, nor do I think she cares!  Her hair needs dying!

Others in the House had opposite reactions to GinaMarie becoming the HoH.  Amanda was nervous because she didn’t know where GinaMarie’s head was in the game (if it was really in the game at all).  Candice was worried because GinaMarie was one of Aaryn’s minions, and is not fond of Candice.  She’s expecting to go up on the block.  Helen decided to play the suck up game to ensure her butt didn’t go up on the block since she was not sure which way GinaMarie’s nominations were going to go.  Andy just wanted for Aaryn and GinaMarie to stop celebrating, as they were annoying him, but he knew that expressing his growing displeasure towards them would send him on the block.

Aaryn and GinaMarie were talking in one of the BB Bedrooms about possible nominees.  Of course Candice’s name popped up.  GinaMarie said it was because Candice picks on Aaryn and is a drama Queen.  Whoa, whoa, whoa!  Who was it that was picking on who, GinaMarie?  I can’t wait for you to be evicted and watch this season, because all of America saw the two of you picking on not only Candice, but on Howard, Helen and Andy!  Candice was defending herself against you and Aaryn.  Hello?  Wasn’t it Aaryn, you know, the person who, according to you, is getting picked on by Candice the same person who flipped over Candice’s bed and trashed her things because she didn’t like Candice?  I really wish you would get your facts straight before you go around hating people for the actions you and your friends start.  GinaMarie was also thinking about going after Spencer because he turned his back on her boy, Nick, which helped him get evicted.  GinaMarie is beginning to channel Rachel…nobody messes with her man!

Helen was talking to Judd, Spencer and Jessie about who Helen was going to invite to her BBQ.  Of course, Elissa would be on the list because the Mom Squad was still in full effect.  Aaryn was on this list because she kept up her end of their deal last week.  Helen was not sure who the third person was going to be.  Jessie was appalled that her name was not on Helen’s list of invitees.  After all of the “Floater loyalty” she has shown Helen, she was not going to be invited?  Jessie was so pissed off, that she questioned Helen about Aaryn’s invite.  After Helen explained it was because of what Happened during the previous week, Jessie accepted Helen’s reason (somewhat), but was still not happy her name hadn’t been said yet.

Now, remember the title of this post (you can scroll back up if you need to)?  Yeah, this is where it comes in handy for Jessie.  Unbeknownst to the group in the room, Aaryn just happened to be walking by the room they were talking in, and heard Jessie spouting off about Aaryn and Jessie questioning Helen.  This set off alarm bells in Aaryn’s head about being able to trust Helen or Jessie if they were having a conversation like this.  Aaryn was so bold that she even sashayed (well, she popped in with authority, but sashayed was more fun to type) into the room and to see what was going on.  She then continued on her way to the bathroom full of doubts.  Aaryn was talking about what happened to GinaMarie when Jessie popped into the room.  How about this, BB House Guests: if you don’t want certain people to hear your conversations, keep your voice down!  Why do you have to blare everything that comes out of your mouth?  Spencer doesn’t have a choice for the time being (megaphone/bullhorn punishment), but the rest of you have no excuse to be loud.

Jessie was still complaining about not being invited to Helen’s BBQ.  The “lucky” recipient of Jessie’s complaints was Amanda.  From watching this week’s episode, as well as her demeanor in general,  I think Amanda is the LAST person Jessie wants to be unloading her issues onto.  I’ll explain my point in the next paragraph. You’ll see why.  Amanda told Jessie that she shouldn’t be so upset with the situation because Amanda figured Helen was using it as part of her game-play, to be kept in Aaryn’s good books.  Jessie disagreed, saying it was a big deal because she felt Helen was showing disloyalty towards her.

This is the point I was alluding to, Readers:  Amanda, getting upset with Jessie, told her to just sit there, shut up, and look semi-pretty.  Amanda then unloaded about how Jessie didn’t like how she was getting so upset and being so fake with her when Jessie tried to hatch a plan to send Amanda out the door instead of Howard a few hours before the Vote.  Jessie denied it, but Amanda didn’t believe her, Nor should she, Readers!  You see, the producers showed the viewers flashback sequences of Jessie planning a mini coup, but it didn’t get off the ground.

Amanda then went to Helen, telling her about her encounter with Jessie and all of the whining she’s doing about not being invited to Helen’s BBQ.  Helen was disgusted with Jessie’s behaviour, thinking she may have to make Jessie her last invitee since Jessie wouldn’t stop complaining about it.  I wouldn’t placate Jessie for this!  As a floater, Jessie’s expendable in this game, and if she’s carrying on like this, I would forget about inviting her and start thinking about ways to get her out of the House!

McCrae spoke with Jessie, and he gave her some of the best advice she could get in this game: relax and roll with the  punches.  Jessie, of course, didn’t like what she heard, telling him he didn’t understand her point of view since he was with the power in the House.  McCrae told her her e couldn’t control the Vote.  Jessie told him she didn’t like taking orders.  McCrae then said he was the good to Amanda’s bad, and that she had to stop whining to get people on her side.

McCrae’s “other side,” Amanda joined their conversation.  She told Jessie it was a bad idea of hers to be asking for advice after screwing up (going after Amanda) because it makes her a target.  Amanda went on to day Jessie should shut up and stop her attention-seeking behaviour.  Jessie countered by saying Amanda shouldn’t talk because Amanda likes to walk around in her underwear.  Amanda told Jessie to stop playing a victim, and hat no has her back in the House anymore.  Jessie defended herself by saying she would rather be alone, and that Amanda’s threats don’t scare her.  She ended the argument by leaving the BB Backyard by saying she didn’t mind going home.

McCrae then reamed Amanda out, telling her that she was making the both of them look bad with her blow-outs.  Amanda, upset McCrae was mad at her, said she was defending herself.  McCrae told her to apologize and to get her head back in the game because Jessie was stronger than Amanda thought she was. Amanda refused to do so, accusing McCrae of not ha ving her back.  McCrae called her petty, telling her they were supposed to be working together, and that their actions reflect badly on both of them, not just her.

Jessie, looking to do some damage control, went to GinaMarie to plead her case as to why she should not go on the block.  Jessie told GinaMarie she knew she ad put a target on her back by what she had tried to do to Amanda, and by carrying on as she did where Helen’s BBQ was concerned.  She was also trying to move to move the target she put on her back onto Amanda’s.   Jessie then told GinaMarie that Amanda was persuasive, and that she should see through what Amanda is trying to get GinaMarie to do.  Jessie finished her pitch by saying that the last thing GinaMarie wanted was to have Amanda staying in the House, running the show.   GinaMarie told Jessie that she was not her target.  Candice was her target, and that Candice would be the one going home.  GinaMarie told Jessie she had to figure out who to put against her to make sure this happened.

At the Nomination Ceremony, GinaMarie nominated Candice and Jessie for Eviction.  GinaMarie was downright rude to Candice when saying why she was chosen for Eviction.  GinaMarie’s reasons for Jessie being nominated was that Jessie was a flip-flopper, and she didn’t like flip-floppers in the House.

See, Readers,  Jessie learned a very valuable BB lesson: timing is everything when you open your mouth in the BB House.  She had a high sense of herself to act so childishly about not being able to go to a BBQ, then to act so fake to Amanda after trying to shove Amanda out the BB front door last week.  What has she learned: being so high on yourself, especially when you’re a Floater, can land you on the block.  Amanda’s pushing her luck in the House.  She’s gone from pushy to domineering, spouting out the way she is.  I’m surprised her new financé, McCrae, is still with her!  I would have let her have it, then cut her loose if she didn’t start to cool her jets.  Who will America put up as its nominee for Eviction? Who will win the Power of Veto?  Will McCrae and Amanda’s engagement make it through this week?  Come back to my blog to find out!

Until my next post, Readers!


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