Big Brother 15, Episode #16 – Once Again, I Shake My Head!

Hey Readers!

I don’t think the House Guests are seeing the big picture where their game is concerned.  Why am I shaking my head,as it’s suggested in the title of this post?  Well, in my opinion, the game’s latest evicted player was just another bad choice that the House Guests made, as they are just lining themselves up to be picked off one-by-one.  Who was this unlucky individual?  Read below and find out.

Spencer, seeing his partner-in-crime Howard still on the block, was trying everything he could to save him from being evicted.  He devised a plan to save not only Howard, but Candice as well.  He figured it would be beneficial for him to have two allies in the game rather than just one.  Before going ahead with his plan, he spoke privately with Candice, telling her to trust in him, and that he was working to have her and Howard stay.  Candice was happy to hear that someone was on side trying to get Amanda out of the House.  Spencer saw Amanda as a threat to his game because she was targeting both Howard and himself.  Spencer’s plan:  changing at least two out of the five votes currently going against Howard to Amanda so Howard will stay and Amanda will leave the game.  He pitched his plan to bot Andy and GinaMarie, two people who would most likely flip their vote.  GinaMarie said she was on board, sealing it with a fist bump, and Andy said he liked the plan.

Even though House Guests say they like a plan, they may also be lying to your face.  Andy was this type of person.  He ran straight to Amanda to give his report to her about Spencer’s plan.  Amanda confronted Spencer in the BB Backyard.  Amanda told Spencer she knew what he was doing, and it wasn’t going to work.  Spencer tried to deny knowing anything about the plan.  He even tried to ay his target was Candice, not her.  Amanda didn’t believe him, telling him she had the numbers to stay in the House.  Spencer gave up trying to cover his tracks, and started yelling at Amanda after she kept hounding about his plan.

You have to be careful who is listening to conversations in the BB House, because people love sharing this information!  Helen was present for the blowout between Spencer and Amanda, and told Candice what she heard.  Candice was upset, thinking Spencer was trying to play her, and called a House Meeting to call him out.  Once all of the House Guests were assembled, she asked Spencer if what Helen told him was true.  Spencer admitted that he said what he said, but he was really trying to help her.  Candice didn’t believe him, and told the House not to believe anything that came pout of Spencer’s mouth.  She also wanted the House to vote with their hearts, and that she was going after Spencer next week.

Yes, Readers, this was another successful House Meeting.  After Candice went off on Spencer, Aaryn, Jessie and GinaMarie were in the HoH Room talking about what just happened.  Aaryn was pressing the idea of voting Candice out because Candice was becoming a loose cannon and attacking people who are against her in the House.  Hello, Aaryn!  Didn’t you attack anyone who threatened you the last time you were HoH?  I love it when people are so hypercritical on BB!  I’m so over Aaryn!  She really needs a reality check as soon as possible.

At the Live Vote and Eviction Ceremony, each of the eviction nominees got to say their last words.  Amanda thanked her family, and said she was not ready to leave the House yet.  Candice also thanked those supporting her at home, to vote with your heart, and that she wanted to stay in the game.  Howard thanked God and his loved ones, and to respect however they voted for.

Here is how the Vote went down this week:

Candice – 1; Howard – 7; Amanda – 0.

Sadly, Howard was sent home.

For the HoH Competition this week, Bull in a China Shop had the House Guests holding on to a bar with a bull’s head that was attached to a cord while walking on a revolving barrel.  If the House Guests fall off or let go of their “bull,” the bull head will smash into an display case of china, ending their chance at becoming the next HoH.

Since this was an endurance challenge, Julie Chen made some announcements to the House, as well as to the audience in private.  She told the House there would be no Have-Nots this week.  Candice was excited since she’s been a Have-Not for most of her time in the House.  She announced to the audience that America would be the MVP for the third week in a row.  This is the route the BB producers should have gone at the beginning of the game, always keeping the House Guests guessing who the MVP was.  Since none of the players fell off the barrel yet, Julie Chen enticed them by offering for the first tree House Guests that drop out of the competition the opportunity to open three boxes.  One box contained $5 000.  At this point in the competition, no one wanted to drop out. The competition will continue into the next episode.

Oh, I forgot to say that Julie Chen told the House Guests that Britney had her baby!  She named her Tilly, and she was born on July 13, 2013!  Congrats Britney!  Another piece of news I forgot to share was a bit shocking, but cool once it sunk in.  Amanda and McCrae are engaged!  I know, but you go with what feels right, right!  Congrats, and I hope they share pics of the happy day!

Alright, Readers, another House Guest out of the House, and, maybe, one of ht first that didn’t deserve to go yet.  Maybe this is Karma for Howard lying to Helen about what he knew about the Moving Company.  I was routing for Amanda to leave this week because she’s becoming just too pushy around the House, and those who realize this attribute of hers magically end up meeting Julie Chen at the end of the week.  Can someone PLEASE catch onto  this, like Spencer has, and send her out of the game along wit Aaryn!  Oh, there is just one more piece of BB news to share.  This coming Eviction Night will be a magical Double Eviction Night!  Yay!  It’s like a two for one sale!  Who will be the HoHs this week?  Who will win the PoV to save themselves?  Will the power shift yet once again?  I will have these answers, and you can find out by visiting my blog again!

Until my next post, Readers!


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