Big Brother 15, Episode # 10 – Playing the Game Too Hard Too Soon Can Backfire on You!

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I have to apologize for my lateness in these BB 15 posts.  My family and I escaped the city for the almost a week due to the heat wave and a lack of A/C in our home.  I made sure to at least keep up with this show, so I could do my posts once I got back.

Back to BB 15, in this episode, we find out which of the Mom Squad’s nominees is going to be sent packing.  Aaryn has ticked everyone, both in and out of the House, so most people wouldn’t care to see her leave the game.  Jeremy has been pushing the House Guests around, and has been able to win competitions to save himself.  That is a dangerous combination to have walking around the House to win the $500 000 prize.  Spencer, well, he hasn’t been too much of a threat, besides to Amanda and McCrae’s game.  Which of these three actually gets the heave ho?  Keep reading and you’ll see!

While Spencer laid low throughout this episode, Aaryn and Jeremy took the kiss butt and make any deal necessary in order to stay in the House route.  Aaryn confessed that she and Jeremy didn’t deserve to be on the block this week because there were so many other wimps that should be there instead of them.  Well, Aaryn, if those “wimps’ deserved to be on the block, then why did you not win the PoV to save yourself, or why didn’t Jeremy win the HoH Competition to continue your tirade/rule on the House?  Maybe you two are not as great as you think you are!

Jeremy began his “Save Me” campaign by showing his softer side.  He was joking around with people in the House, and even put on a baby suit to try to get the House to forget his past transgressions.  He even began makig deals with Amanda and McCrae, telling them he would guarantee their safety for the rest of the game.  Aaryn took the same approach, dancing around the House, and trying to get cozy with those who she tormented the week before.  It was quite sad to see them do just about anything to get the House on their side.

Jeremy put on his serious face and went to speak to Helen in the HoH Room to see if she could help his cause.  With Elissa present, he proposed that if he was spared this week, that the Mom Squad would be protected by him for the rest of the game.  Helen asked Jeremy who should be put on the block next week should Jeremy win the HoH Competition.  Jeremy said that Aaryn and Kaitlin could go back up on the block.  Helen also wanted for Jeremy to get rid of is super confident attitude, and become a more humble Jeremy.   Jeremy said he would do anything to stay.  Helen and Elissa were considering Jeremy’s offer.

During the Live Vote and Eviction Ceremony, when given the chance by Julie Chen to give their last words, Jeremy said he enjoyed playing the game, and that he was a champ.  Aaryn thanked everyone for the time they spent together.  Spencer thanked his supporters at home, and the House Guests for a great summer.  Here are the results of the votes:

Spencer – 1; Aaryn – 0; Jeremy – 9.

Yet another strong male player has left the game so early!  I’m not sure if this is a record.  I’ll update my post when I find out.  After 15 seasons of Big Brother, you’d think Jeremy would know that excessive arrogance doesn’t always get you far in this game!  I hope Aaryn has learned this lesson, too!

BB Royalty was the name of this week’s HoH Competition.  The House Guests had to guess who America thought which description best fit which House Guests.  The player standing at the end, without any wrong answers, would be the next HoH.  After six rounds, and a three-way tie- breaker question, Judd shot out of the shadows to become the new HoH!

This win shocked me.  Judd didn’t seem to have it in him to win an HoH, but he pulled it out!  Congrats, Judd!  Since he’s a Floater in the House, this will have a huge impact on his game-play.  His nominations will let the House know which side he’s on.  He’ll also be creating enemies he probably didn’t want to make just yet.  Julie Chen also announced that America would be the MVP this week, so they get to choose the third nominee to go on the block. Who will Judd choose for Eviction?  Can Judd handle the responsibilities and stress of being HoH?  Will the power shift once again in the House?  Pop back in to my blog to find out.

Until my next post, Readers!


4 thoughts on “Big Brother 15, Episode # 10 – Playing the Game Too Hard Too Soon Can Backfire on You!

  1. I think sadly this week Aaryn will remain safe and Kaitlin will go home… a better strategic move, but I SO want Aaryn gone. If I were in the house, I would have Amanda in my cross-hairs, she is playing the game WAY too hard, someone needs to let her know quickly she isn’t queen of the house and hasn’t really done anything except snuggle up to the first HOH.

    • I totally agree! Aaryn needs to go, too! She has too much of a sense of entitlement, and doesn’t realize just how this will affect her once she leaves the House. Amanda is playing too hard. She needs to back off, or make others think it’s their idea. She needs to learn what Jeremy did as he was sent packing! I think Judd noticed this, but he’s being such a chicken as HoH! He likes being HoH, but not the responsibilities or headaches that go along with it. Can’t have your cake and eat it, too! Will be the title for Episode #11 for my post I’m catching up on right now. Thanks for the on the spot inspiration, Kendall!

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