Survivor: Philippines, Episode #2 – Practice What You Preach!

Hi Readers!

Oh, the things people say and do when they are cold and deprived of the creature comforts of home!  In this episode of Survivor: Philippines, we see how the Castaways are already starting to crack, and how it could ultimately  lead to their exit from Survivor: Philippines.

At Matsing, everyone was dealing with the cold rain at night in their own way.  Most tribe members just curled up in the fetal position and hoped to trap some of their own body heat to sleep.  Not Angie and Malcolm!  They went with the tried and true method of the buddy system.  That would be cuddling with each other to keep warm.  Angie said she was only doing it to stay warm at night.  Malcolm admitted to finding Angie attractive, but he knew that he had to keep his eye on the million dollar prize, and wouldn’t start a relationship with her while on the show.  Roxy saw their situation in a different light.  She believed they were a couple, working together in an alliance to get through the game.  I don’t know, Roxy, I didn’t see it that way.  I just saw it as two attractive people wanting to snuggle on cold and rainy nights.

Roxy then began her mission to break the Cuddle Buddies up due the threat they presented to her in her head.  Roxy went to Russell with her suspicions, and he saw where she was coming from, but he wasn’t swayed to join in on her witch hunt, either.  She continued to go around the rest of their tribe, spreading her accusations and trying to drum up some support for her cause.  Denise was in a secret alliance with Malcolm, and let him know what Roxy was doing.  He knew what kind of damage this information could do to his game, and then let Angie know what was happening.  They decided they shouldn’ t look so comfortable around each other all the time.

I think all of the cold weather was affecting Roxy because she then began to shut down.  She wasn’t doing anything around their camp, and her tribe mates noticed her lack of physical activity.  She was also complaining about how Angie did nothing around the tribe a lot. What Roxy said was true about Angie, but maybe Roxy should practice what she preaches once in a while.  She said she was outside of her comfot zone being in this game.  Russell was trying to get her spirits up, telling her to hang in there, and that while they were out there, Matsing was her family.

At Tandang, the atmosphere was similiar. RC found a clue to an Idol in the rice bucket.  She instantly showed it to her alliance member, Abi, but not to the rest of their crew.  RC said she only trusted Abi in this game, and that she felt closest to her than towards anyone else in this game.  Abi felt differently about their relationship.She thought she couldn’t fully trust RC because she was always running off with Michael.  When Abi confronted RC with questions about what was happening between her and Michael, RC said she regarded Michael as a father figure, and that her alligance would always be to Abi.  Now both ladies are on shaky ground with each other because the trust was not as strong as they thought it was.

Lisa was having a bit of a Roxy moment herself.  She still was not able to shake her intraverted nature to build up her social game amongst her tribe.  The rest of the tribe could see her shutting down and going off by herself a lot of the time.  She explained her behaviour by saying she was used to being alone a lot when she was younger, and she didn’t know how to get past this way of being to become closer to her tribe mates.  The majority of the tribe assumed she was trying to find the Idol on her own.  They did not like the idea of her having this power all to herself.

At Kalabaw, Jonathan was going stir crazy because he had a hunch about the Idol being hidden around their camp.  The rest of the tribe decided to go to a nearby cave and play chess to wait out the rain.  Jonathan gave a lame excuse why he wasn’t going to join them, and began his frantic search once everyone else left.  A few people from Kalabaw realized that they needed their flint to start a fire to keep warm, so they went back to get it.  They saw Jonathan looking around their camp and asked him what he was doing.  Jonathan lied, telling them he lost his glasses and needed them to see.  He remembered a part of the clue telling him the Idol was right under your nose.  There was a big nose on the lid of their container of rice.  Jonathan pried it open when no one was looking, and Ta Da!  There was the Idol!

At the Immunity/Reward Challenge, the Kalabaw and Tandang tribes had to sit one player out since Matsing had five players.  They then put themselves in pairs.  One pair would take a sled and pick up puzzle pieces.  Once all of these were collected, another player would give advice to the second pair of players to help them put their three puzzles together. The tribe that accomlished this the fastest won Immunity from Tribal Council, and a luxury prize of blankets, pillows and a tarp.  The tribe that came in second would also get Immunity as well as a tarp.  The loosing tribe would have to go to Tribal Council and vote out a member of their tribe.

The results of this Challenge were as follows:
Winning Tribe – Tandang
Second Place – Kalabaw
Last Place – Matsing, again.

Jeff Probst asked Russell why he was so upset after their loss.  Russell said it was because he felt that his tribe should have beaten the other two tribes at this Challenge, and that there was too much whining by his tribe mates about what they can’t do.  This was pointed towards Roxy and Angie.  Everyone should either put up or shut and go home.  I agree with him.  All these two ladies did was complain about what they couldn’t do around camp and at Challenges.  I’d want them to go home, too.

Back at Matsing, Russell was still fuming over their loss.  He apologized for his outburst, and was starting to get tired of Roxy and her tendancy of talking the talk, yet not walking the walk.

Roxy was planning on forcing Malcolm and Angie to reveal the status of their relationship, ultimately targeting for Angie to be voted out.  Malcolm got wind of what Roxy was doing and warned Angie of Roxy’s plan.  They talked about how they were going to defend heir actions to the tribe.

Russell and Denise were discussing whether to keep Angie or Roxy.  Russell didn’t like Angie because he thought there was more to her than the “pageant-girl” façade she was showing to the rest of the tribe.  Denise didn’t like Angie being so close to Malcolm, either, but she saw Roxy as a bigger threat because she seemed to have more spirit that Angie did that could give Roxy more strength than she credited towards Angie.

At Tribal Council, Jeff Probst asked Matsing what changes they would make at camp.  Roxy suggested that they not work as hard around camp before and after Challenges.  Denise disagreed with her, saying that is what would make them a stronger tribe.  Angie thought that cookies would help them be a better tribe.  Cookies.  Both Jeff Probst and I looked at her and repeated “Cookies?” to her at the same time.  The rest of Matsing rolled their eyes at her.  Malcolm tried defending her, but Russell cut him off, saying that this was what was wrong with their tribe.

Jeff Probst then moved on to talk about the importance of relationships between people within a tribe.  Roxy then threw the Angie-Malcolm relationship into the spotlight. Malcolm defended his relationship with Angie by saying there was nothing between them, and that he thought of her as a sister.  Angie looked at him like he was crazy, and Roxy said that their relationship was creepy, and that their relationship was more along the lines of a “booby trap.”  She then warned the rest of the tribe how dangerous these types of relationships can be.  Malcolm and Angie maintained that what they had was strictly platonic.

The tribe voted, and decided that they would be better off without Roxy in it.  See, Readers, this is what happens when you say things, but can’t back them up.  Roxy became too smug, and was focused on others when she should have been trying to gain the trust, or at least the allegiance, of her tribe mates.

Now Matsing is down to four members.  This should be interesting for the next episode.  Maybe Matsing will break their loosing streak, and another tribe will experience Tribal Council.  Will Kalabaw discover that Jonathan has the Idol, or will Jonathan have loose lips and let it slip?  Will Lisa dig deep within herself and become the social player she wants to be?  Come back to my blog to find out!

Until my next post, Readers!


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