Big Brother 14, Episode #27 – It’s a Toss-Up, Really…

Hey Readers!

Next week is Finale Night for BB 14! I know, I’m so anxious to find out who’s going to win it all!  This epidode was an Early Eviction Night.Yeah, I know, it’s as thought they ran out of time and are kicking people out of BB House left, right and center!  With Jenn and Shane in the block, it’s really a toss up as to who’s leaving.  Will Dan have a hand in this person’s eviction as well?  Let’s go and see what went down…

Jenn and Shane have different opinions about being on the block.  Shane wasn’t sweating his time on the block.  He believed he was simply a pawn, and that no one was gunning for him.  Little did he know that Dan had his sights on Shane.  Dan has wanted to get rid of Shane for a while, but has needed him for numbers and to keep Danielle even more in line.  I guess Dan figured he can now totally control Danielle, since the summer is almost over, and Shane’s game is so much better than Danielle’s was.  Jenn, on the other hand, was mad at Dan.  She thought Dan was setting her up to be his next casualty in the House.  Dan used his magic words and comforted her, telling her she had nothing to worry about, and that Shane was leaving.  Dan admitted in the Diary Room that he really didn’t care who left.  What Dan didn’t know was that Jenn was confiding in Danielle about her anger with Dan, and that Danielle was beginning to share Jenn’s frustrations.

Time Flies was the next PoV Compettion.  Each player had to use a zip cord to fly between a magnitized puzzle they had to solve and a timer they had to reset every 20 seconds.  If the timer ran out out time before the player got back to it in time, they were eliminated from the competition.  The player that put the puzzle together first won the Veto.  After a lot of swinging back and forth, Shane, of all people, won this PoV!  I know, he was able to do this one all on his own.  He also won a luxury prize of getting to leave the BB House with a houseguest of his choice, and meet the US Ladies’ Gymnastics team.  Smart move on his part, he chose Danielle to go with him, and showed her some PDA to keep her happy.  They had a good time!

Dan had to go to work and be, Mr. Wonderful because he didn’t want to be the replacement nominee for Shane.  He went to Ian to talk to him about putting Danielle up on the block, as a pawn, of course.  Ian seemed receptive to Dan’s idea.At the PoV Meeting, Shane removed himself from the block, and Ian used Dan’s idea, and named Danielle as his replacement nominee.  She didn’t even see it coming.

At the Live Vote and Eviction, Jenn gave the standard plea to stay in the House, speaking as though she knew she was leaving.  Danielle, gave the usual speech that meant “I know I’m Not Going Anywhere,” and wished Jenn well.  Of course, the vote was 2-0 for Jenn to be evicted.  Jenn left in good spirits, and wished everyone luck.

At the next HoH Competition, Photograghic Memory, the houseguests were previously given pictures of themselves that were taken throughout the summer, and had to remember if certain items were actually in the picture that Julie was asking for.  Danielle won this HoH Competition by beating Dan in a tie-breaker question.

I really didn’t care who left in this eviction.  If Shane left, no tears would have been shed by me.  I wonder how this is going to play out.  Will Danielle see through Dan’s song and dance and get him evicted before the Final Three, or will she continue to be Dan’s puppet until Dan wants to get rid of her?  There are only four people left.  One of them will be $500 000 dollars richer soon.  Come back and find out who will be the next houseguest to be evicted on BB 14!

Until my next post, Readers!


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