Big Brother 14, Episode #14 – Frank (or Boogie) Back on Top

Hello Readers!

Oh, how the mighty have fallen! Janelle backdoored, and it was done by Boogie’s handy work. Then for Frank to win HoH, again, partly due to Boogie’s help. Yeah, the House is quaking in their flip-flops wondering what their fate will be this week with Frank, I mean Boogie, at the healm. Let’s find out right now…

Britany and Danielle were at different sides of the backdooring Janelle issue. Britany still doesn’t like Janelle leaving, while Danielle was quite content with this move. Britany brought up a point that I know Danielle hasn’t thought about because she doesn’t think strategically, or for herself, in this game. Britany warned Danielle about the danger of having Frank still in the House, especially since he has survived life on the block three times. Usually these people end up stabbing others in the back and going to the end of the game. They were still hoping their Silent Six deal was still intact this week, but with Boogie and Frank, all bets are off.

After celebrating Janelle’s departure, Boogie and Frank were discussing different nomination scenarios. They were thinking about working with Wil, using him as a pawn, and having Joe, the only one who voted to evict him this week, as the target. Frank threw out the idea of having Dan on the block. Frank knows that Dan wants him out, but kept him to appease Boogie. Boogie didn’t like this idea because it was too early to ruin their alliance, and they needed to have the numbers to carry out any plan they would want to execute this week.

Ashley and Wil were also worried about their decision to go against their former coach and vote her out. They realized it was pretty much the two of them against the rest of the House. Lone Man Out Joe then joined their conversation, asking them why he was not told of how the House was voting. Wil, lying to Joe, told him him would have blabbed the plan to Janelle, and it would have put an even larger target on Joe’s back. Ashley added to Wil’s story by telling Joe that Janelle was also playing a dirty game, and they didn’t want to be seen as being a part of Janelle’s game-play. This little group also began to think that two of them would also be nominated this week because they were outsiders in the House.

It was the first Have/Have-Not Competition where anyone was eligible to compete. Ashley opted to have Frank play in her place because of her bad back. She would take any punishment exacted on Frank. The name of this game was Exsqueeze Me. The houseguests chose between Team Lemon and Team Lime, along with a farmer for each team. Each lemon and lime had to soak up liquid into their absorbent costumes and, with the help of their farmers, had to squeeze out as much of this liquid into jugs labelled with the names of houseguests from the other team. Once four jugs were filled, the game would end and these individuals would be the Have-Nots for the week. After a lot of dipping and squeezing, Shane, Britany, Danielle, and Joe’s jugs were filled by Team Lime, and were named Have-Nots for the week.

Joe decided to try and get on Frank’s good side since he was the odd man out at the last eviction. His pitch to Frank was that he was alone in the House, and that it would be advantageous for Frank to use him as a vote for Frank’s purposes this week. He also brought up the fact that he was a loyal player, and that Frank couldn’t get that from Wil. Frank still couldn’t trust Joe, not after he voted for him to leave the House.

Wil also went to Frank to plead his case as to why Wil should not be nominated. Boogie wantes to know where Wil’s head was in the game, and asked him who Wil would target if he won HoH next week. Feeling as though it was a trap (which it was), Wil told the guys that he didn’t want to answer the question at this time because he didn’t want to step on any toes. Wil let his emotions get the better of him, and smirked while letting it slip that he was aware of a large group of people in the House were working together. This didn’t sit well with Boogie. Boogie and Frank were thinking that the target on Joe’s back just may have gotten smaller thanks to Wil’s foley.

At the Nomination Ceremony, most of the houseguests were up in the air about who Frank would nominate for eviction. After making everyone sweat for a few moments, Frank announced that Wil and Joe were on the chopping block. None of the new nominees were surprised, and both vowed to do everything possible to get off the block and get revenge on Frank (like that’s going to happen). One of the few people who were even more worried about the nominations than the nominees was Dan. He was now thinking it put Frank in the perfect position to backdoor him. Dan was also worried that the Silent Six was starting to crumble.

Yes, Readers, Boogie is using his puppet master skills again! At this point, I would be surprised if Dan gets backdoored by Frank because he is letting Boogie make all of the decisions in their bromance. Dan really should be thanking his lucky stars that Frank didn’t nominate him yet. Danielle, Britany and Shane must be thinking the same thing since they were gunning for Frank’s departure not too long ago.

Well, Readers, tune back in for my next BB post to see how Wil and Joe fair of the PoV, how Frank (or Boogie) deals with the power in the House, and if The Silent Six can make it through the week.

Until my next post, Readers!


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